Valentino has started Postdoc


Valentino Jadriško, PhD has started his Postdoctoral Research at Politecnico di Milano.

The scope of the research will be investigation of photophysical dynamics in strained van der Waals systems as well as new 2D systems like antiferromagnets and related heterostructures. Microscopic understanding of time dynamics in the systems where a change in the bandgap type is observed, from direct to indirect or vice-versa, and the change of band alignment type is important from the device efficiency point of view since the exciton dissociation efficiency, relaxation channels, the role of defects, charge transfer within and between layers as well as exciton-exciton scattering affect the device efficiency. In addition, novel exotic 2D materials and devices which combine magnetic and semiconducting properties will be investigated with femtosecond spectroscopy techniques.