Synthesis Paper Accepted!


Our paper on MoS2 synthesis  and influence of the growth parameters on samples’ morphology and optical quality has been accepted in Materials Chemistry and Physics.

The manuscript titled ,,Effects of CVD growth parameters on global and local optical properties of MoS2 monolayers’’ present results of the controllable fabrication of high-quality TMD monolayers with low defect contents. We have shown how the optical properties of CVD grown monolayer MoS2 are largely influenced by the stoichiometry during CVD by controlled sulfurization of molybdenum (Mo) precursors. The overall optical properties were investigated immediately upon synthesis by measuring PL and Raman signal on different flakes across the sample and from different sample zones. Described workflow includes sample synthesis under certain growth conditions followed by optical spectra acquisition and subsequent data analysis providing a crucial link to determine the next optimal CVD growth set of parameters to produce a high-quality sample with desired morphology. We concluded that the growth temperature highly influences the MoS2 sample quality regarding its optical and electronic properties.