Ana has defended his PhD Thesis Topic


Ana has successfully defended his PhD Theses Topic.

Our doctoral student Ana Senkić has successfully defended her PhD Thesis Topic entitled Microscopic investigation of intrinsic defects in transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers grown by chemical vapour deposition’’.

Optoelectronical performance of 1L TMDs, such as quantum yield and carrier mobility, often show below theoretical expectations due to the existence of defects. Optical signatures of defect-bound excitons are important tools to probe defective regions and thus interrogate the optical quality of as-grown samples. Ana has presented her systematic MoS2 growth study that was extended toward the investigation of defect spatial distribution using non-destructive microscopic techniques while microscopic pump-probe technique was used in order to investigate defect-induced change of carriers’ lifetimes. She has also introduced new techniques in defect engineering in order to reduce the number of defects or to passivate them by means of alloying.